Thursday, 21 August 2014

Mophie Space Pack

The two biggest issues plaguing most iPhone homeowners are the dual needs for a lot of battery life and a lot of storage space -- What if you'll kill each birds with one not-too-heavy accessory?

The Mophie Space Pack will, indeed, worship both: a full-charge battery case, with sixteen or 32GB of additional flash storage thrown right in. Sound just like the best iPhone-as-camera accent ever made? It terribly nearly is, if you'll settle for a high value and a few limitations.

The Space Pack appearance and performs like Mophie's different iPhone 5/5S battery-pack cases: it is a bit thicker than the Juice Pack Air, however has an equivalent one,700mAh battery. Stick some additional storage in there, and you have got the concept. At $149.99 for the 16GB Space Pack or $179.99 for the 32GB model, it is a pretty big-ticket iPhone case, however it amounts to solely $50 or $80 quite what the $99.95 Juice Pack Air prices. increasing your iPhone's storage from sixteen to 32GB prices $100 anyway, so $149.99 for battery pack and 16GB is not such a nasty proposition, even though automaton homeowners with microSD cards find yourself riant. If I were shopping for one, i might cough up the additional $30 for 32GB. The Space Pack comes in black or white. My review unit, a 16GB model, is white: it's shiny, and snapped on the iPhone simply, however like different Juice Pack cases you wish to run a phone jack extender to pay attention to music whereas mistreatment it.

The case feels nearly as good as the other Mophie Juice Pack case, and a silver button on the rear activates the aboard storage access. The Mophie Space App, free on the App Store, is needed to access any of the files hold on on the Space Pack, abundant within the same method that different wireless storage drives from SanDisk et al work. however the Space App encompasses a clean flat style that looks like an honest match for the remainder of iOS seven.

Getting files onto the Space Pack is extremely easy: it works sort of a regular USB flash drive or disc drive. The Space Pack charges via Micro-USB, and you'll plug that cable into a laptop and drag and drop files into folders the method you'd expect to. you'll place something on -- music, videos, ZIP files, even EXE files. they will not all be clear within the Space App, however the actual fact that the Space Pack's storage are often a hybrid of USB drive and iPhone storage extension is truly pretty helpful.

The Space App mechanically organizes files into Photos, Videos, Music, Documents, and "Other files." Documents open in read-only format within the Space App, however are often opened in different apps, like Google Drive, if they are on your phone. Music files play within the app however cannot be foreign into the iOS seven Music app. Video files ought to be DRM-free: iTunes purchases cannot be hold on on the Space Pack. And, not all video files can play back: I had success with M4V and MOV files, however not AVI. (According to Mophie, you'll open associate degree AVI during a third-party app, however it will not transfer unless it's below 100MB in size.) The Space Pack supports lots of formats, though, mirroring the iPhone's playback capabilities: MOV, MP4, M4V, 3GP, MP2, MPA, MPE, MPEG, MPG, MPV2, QT, LSF, LSX, ASF, ASR, ASX, and MOVIE.

It's the Space Pack's photograph-syncing feature that is the real killer app: you'll synchronise your photo and residential video library with the Space Pack's storage and offload those files from your iPhone's main memory, releasing up space on the go. For folks on long vacations, mistreatment the iPhone five or 5S as their main camera, it may well be a lifesaver. Files may be shared via AirPlay or bringing (up to 100MB in size) and managed via a laptop.

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