Thursday, 21 August 2014

Space Coaster Marble Run

Sometimes, a toy comes into the workplace and everybody simply sits gawping at it, troubled to recollect the time before it arrived. The space Coaster Marble Run is one such toy - an unspeakably cool piece of sci-fi silliness that is half marble run, half physics experiment. once you've constructed it (a pretty epic and satisfying task in itself), merely flip it on, place the two ball bearings within the central shaft and watch them whiz around the rail at dangerous  speeds. it is a self-perpetuating Ouroboros of a toy, sure to flip any frown inverted, and presumably into a vacant stare of astonishment.

There are a number of various routes for the balls to travel down and a junction at that they randomly confirm it: they're going to either be sent wheeling around hairpin bends or careering through a rather exciting loop section before returning to rock bottom of the central shaft, which will carry them to the top once more. it is a madcap, self-perpetuating gizmo which will delight children and adults alike. good for anyone with an interest in science and building things (there's over half a metre of rails to assemble), it's hypnotic, mesmerising and wads of fun.


  •   The space Coaster Marble Run is a tremendous, self-perpetuating marble run.
  •   Great for anyone with an interest in physics. Or marbles.
  •   Contains over fifty cm of rail to assemble.
  •   Assembly is quite a task in itself.
  •   Central spiral shaft lifts balls to the highest of the run.
  •   Balls (2 included) will travel through a series of hairpin bends or through a 360-degree loop.
  •   Potentially endless spectacle (at least while the battery lasts).
  •   Needs giant flat surface.
  •   Needs one  D battery
 As you can see below, people have taken the Space Coaster Marble Run to the extreme and built some spectacular results.

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